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The jpays are read on the computer / kiosk also the store orders are done on the kiosk from what my wife said she had one time out of her cell and she could either use the phone or kiosk. She says she can use the kiosk 2x a day now for 15 minutes at a time. Sounds like there has been a few changes. It took my wife 2 weeks or so before they requested her pin for the kiosks not sure how long after she got it. She said they stopped printing the jpays a couple years ago now once the kiosks were all in and operating, they can print things from them but it cost .10 a page I believe and it comes in the mail.

I know she said they were over populated when in July when she went in, she said she watched girls she came in with move through the process faster so I am not 100% sure on everything there, and she is there longer so anything possible. I know mail has varied since she has been there it has been from 2 days to some letters took close to 2 weeks around the holiday times. It may vary the area they are in it seemed slower when she got out of reception. My wife said they have taken out a few special programs like the dog program because they needed the space for more women, especially younger women.

I know my wife got tired of breakfast very quickly but does make it a point to go to the waffle day every other Saturday. Some of the food is personal taste, I queasy it what you like. She did say though that when she comes home cabbage and rice are off the menu for a while. I know there's 2or 3meals she asks me when they are on the menu that please visit so she can have something else. She sent me a copy of the menu I will see if there is anyway I can send it to you I am going to scan it into the computer, she says it is pretty close to the rotation. There are changes on holidays and when something is out.

I know in reception they are allowed fewer items in the Securepak and I think she had to wait to get out for her TV and mp3 players. Plus as far as I know they are not allowed visitors either.
Heart broken, can't even imagine how she feels!!

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