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Originally Posted by gtl_laura View Post
I just want an advise pleaseeee Hi, my husband was sentence 25 months and he will be deported he already sing the deportation, he wants to go back to Romania ,now he is still in the assessment institution at Millhaven, he is there for 3 months and today a parole officer saw him again, and the lady said to him he needs to do a program AAA and he needs to sign a paper for waiving the parole he didn't wanted to, but he sign ..he do wrong? because he had a chance to go home sooner like in september he supose to have the Parol, now it's to late because he saying that paper.. the P.O. from the Millhawen is just temporary and he will have another P.O in the new jail where he is going,maibe this one will help him..the problem is this lady make him waive his chance of day parole because she said he will not finish this program,,I have letters prepare from his family from Romania he will be deported anyway plss i'm so desperate ,what he can do??? he do wrong he sign?? she didn't explain to him nothing
sorry my english I'm just so desperate
thank you for any advise ar answer ...laura

This is a tricky situation, which might have been sorted out since you posted last month. As others have posted, it is unlikely that your husband would be granted parole, even if he is to be deported, without him doing that programme. He did not have to waive his day parole if he didn't want to but guess what the PO was trying to say is without the programme his chances of getting parole even for deportation was not going to happen without the programme. He could have postponed his hearing for up to 4 months on the grounds that we wanted to do the programme first but there would be no guarantee that he would have gotten into the programme and shown that he benefitted from it in that time. Once he has done the programme and feel that he has shown he has learned from it, then he can apply for day parole around the same time as his full parole hearing. Again, it is hardly likely that he would get full parole without spending time on day parole and to make it even more complicated the fact that he is to be deported reduces those chances. Not meaning to be pessimistic but experience shows that in cases such as your husband's he might not be released and deported until his full parole date - that would be the earliest. Hoping you have sorted this out and my comments have proven to be wrong. All the best!
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