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Originally Posted by Lilly7
He probably would have been out in 6 months (APR) but they passed the new law on March 28th that abolished APR. If he is under 3 years then he can apply for day parole which would be 6 months into the sentence but apply ASAP because waiting period is quite long after you send in the application. But he then would be eligible at his 1/3 date as well if he doesnt apply for day parole.
Lily, from what I understand, he has to apply for day parole but parole dates are mandatory dates set by the NPB at the 1/3 rd unless a judge imposes something like "not eligible for parole for 1yr". So if hens denied day parole at 6mths, will he not get another hearing at 8mths (which is the 1/3rd mark)? Would he only be able to reapply for day parole at 12mths? Could that mean he actually misses his full parole date? I am confused.
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