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I appreciate this response and agree with much of it. However research does NOT show that regular use of porn generally leads to the need for more hardcore porn, any more than regular playing of violent video games leads to 'needing' more violent ones, or soft drugs lead to hard drugs, or use of alcohol regularly leads to alcoholism, or the need to buy shoes leads to buying more and more expensive shoes. (see Gabor Mate's wonderful book, In The Relam of Hungry Ghoses). These progressions happen for SOME people - (I believe about 4% of alcohol users develop alcoholism) which is how we get addictions. Most people can manage most pleasurable experiences without a constant craving for more. So the solution is NOT to restrict or prohibit the original stimulus, which is what many want to do with porn, but to help those who have trouble coping with whatever stimulus it happens to be.

quote=JGardner10;7737290]So I am a licensed counselor so I wanted to respond to why a "virtual" simulation would be counter-productive to changing the behavior. We are all familiar with re-enforcement. Exposing the individual to sexually stimulating pictures of children, whether paired with orgasm or not (orgasm would intensify re-enforcement) would result in the physiological response, releasing endorphins, oxytocin, etc., and provide re-enforcement. Re-enforcement increases the likelihood the individual will seek out the behavior again. The reason why this results in the individual seeking out the real thing is they eventually need something more. Porn addiction is not as taboo as it use to be. When an individual watches porn all the time, studies show people tend to seek out more and more hardcore porn to achieve the same stimulation. Our brains want more and more endorphins! On a PURELY behavioral perspective (disorders are rarely solely behavioral) treatment would be based on extinction. In extinction you would never allow the stimulus children to be paired with sexual arousal or stimulation. This is likely to be unsuccessful because intermittent re-enforcement is more re-enforcing than the reward everytime. And like I said human behavior is more complicated than that.
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