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Originally Posted by S.Barnett View Post
And Nickletimer, you say you did time,so tell me how do you truly feel about this subject?. Because I know how my friends and pen pals think of this.
Admittedly, I have no kids of my own to worry over, and I've never had to endure sexual abuse as a child myself, so I suppose I never developed the visceral anger and fear so many parents and prisoners exhibit when it comes to sex offenders in general. I know it's been said that over half of all male prisoners were sexually abused or molested as children themselves, and if indeed that is true, it could definitely explain attitudes inside.

I'd be more interested though in seeing what could be done to prevent these types of crimes from happening in the first place, rather than just raging against these offenders before or after they offend. Right now we do nothing to treat the offender until after a child has been sexually abused and the offender has been caught. But by then, it's too late. The damage is already done. But what if we could somehow encourage these people who have a sexual attraction to children to voluntarily come out of the shadows and seek treatment themselves, before they ever offend?

Germany is already experimenting with just such a model, by guaranteeing confidentiality to those who voluntarily come forward and seek treatment. They seem to be having much more success with getting pedophiles to come out of the closet (at least to their treatment team) by not publicly naming and shaming them, but rather by earning their trust through confidentiality. That seems like a wiser way to go to get these people into treatment and prevent these types of crimes from happening in the first place.

But we'll need to do away with mandatory reporting laws on the part of counselors and psych staff first before we can ever try such a thing here, because right now their hands are tied.
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