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Originally Posted by BOOBSGIRL1990 View Post
In fact all I ever hear about is the three strikes reform. No offence to anyone but don't you think the public would rather reduce 85/80 to 65/60 the sentencing law applied to the second striker than reform the entire three strikes law. Maybe someone will come by and share some info he or she may have.
Nope, I don't think the public would rather do the early releases. There is some mentality among the public that once someone is sentenced, they shouldn't get out early.

Also, 2nd strikers are sentenced under the 3 strikes law. So until they reform that, 2nd strikers will continue to be sentenced to twice the usual sentence if it's a second offense. And those same crimes will be included.

Personally, I think reforming the 3 strikes law to remove the non-violent/non-serious crimes would be pretty damned easy. You go down the list of crimes and delete any that are not violent or serious. I could do it in less than 5 minutes.

As to the OP's question. We will all know - without a doubt - if and when the legislature votes to drop the percentages. You won't need to hunt around for this info. It will be all over the television IF it ever happens.

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