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Originally Posted by inmatemama View Post
jacmac, Are you saying someone with a "Violent" charge, was given parole? I just want to be sure this is what you are saying, because my Husband has a violent charge, {no parole} and we are under the impression, this new ruling excludes them. I have also heard rumors, of giving the 85%'ers, good time, and credits earned... Has anyone seen this in a newspaper article? I'd just like some verification, before my bubble is burst, once again.... I sooo hope you are right!
From what my husband was telling me, the other inmate was a violent offender. He said that he went before the board two weeks before he was released, but the guy didn't tell any one till he was about to be released. My husband said maybe he would have a chance since he has a non-violent charge. But this is South Carolina, no telling what might happen?????
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