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Default Arizona DOC is not acceptable living for humans

Originally Posted by jordan321 View Post
Did any one go? How was it ?

Iíve been out of AZ DOC for about 2 years now and had been on every level yard from Max down to Min. In my 6 years I saw conditions in many different AZ facilities and I also saw the way inmates were treated by both peers and staff. I am an educated man and also tend to get along with almost anyone you throw me in with so I was able to get by without any major issues along the way but Iím also fairly young and in good shape.
I can only tell you the Arizona DOC is not a place that is correcting anything for anyone and the lack of educational programs that might actually teach someone something is just the beginning of the problems with the system.
There are no safe yards and there is no way for a struggling young drug addict to get away from even more drugs then you would see on the streets. The lack of recovery meetings and lack of overall classes designed to help these young addicts is only part of the problem. The yards are so flooded with drugs that it literally makes it impossible for someone with no recovery back round to stay away from.
Of course the next thing that happens is the drug debts and the getting beat up for these young guys and then getting in trouble with the prison.
DOC is not the place for people with non-violent crimes and drug problems... there has been 0 evidence that DOC has succeeded in lowering its 85% plus recidivism rates and this is because they arenít trying to lower them.
I can name a dozen programs on the streets that have much, much higher success numbers and actually give people a chance at a real life again. I kept quite and didnít have any issues while doing my time but the the horrible conditions on some of the yards I was on and the many deaths that occurred while I was there that couldíve been avoided made me sick to my stomach.
If you have a loved one in AZ DOC And YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE AT SUCCESS when they get out I WOULD RECOMMEND TRYING TO GET THEM TO WRITE on a regular basis and give you updates on the positive steps they are taking in bettering themselves while there.
Ask them to write some short term goals while they will be incarcerated and Try and hold them accountable to those goals. If you can afford to Send self help books that are geared toward successful living and find out if there are any books about careers they are showing interest in and letting them know that they can accomplish anything they want ďeven after going to prison if they take the proper steps.Ē It will go a long way. I am a business owner and am in recovery myself and I can assure you that no matter how bad things seem for them now there are endless possibilities for them if they want to live a good life when they get out.
I would recommend to all parents forcing your child into a halfway house that requires them to get a full time job and a sponsor that will take them through the 12 steps of AA or NA is the best chance for theyíre success. Itís much, much better than trying to help them by allowing them to come home when they get out.
Although you mean well and just want to help you are not equipped like a recovery home and you will end up enabling them at some point and feeling guilty if they donít do well. A halfway house that allows 0 prescription drugs and forces a 12 step sponsor and meetings will be the best thing anyone with a child that is an addict can do.
I would also watch for your loved ones asking for large sums of money while in prison. Wanting good I sent to random places is a serious warning sign that he is using drugs in prison and if this happens let them know that you know what is going on and you are very saddened to find out he/she relapsed in prison. Let them know that this will be the 1 and only time you will bale them out and if they ask for any help like this again there will be 0 money sent the remainder of their stay. Make it clear that they will need to go to the Cops and beg to be put in the hole if they get into debt again because you simply wonít allow them to use you for drug money while they are there.
I hope and wish the best to anyone that haas a loved one in prison and I feel for you and your loved one. Itís a tough road but together you can actually strengthen your relationship if your both trying to do thee right thing. Having an addict for a SON is extremely hard and the disease is very powerful and as art. It can be overcome through a spiritual experience and the 12 steps of AA.
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