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Originally Posted by triplejs View Post
My son is wanting to go to Foothills when he makes honor grade - he's at Piedmont now which is medium security.

The reason he wants Foothills is he has a job lined up for work release in Burke county. He only has 8 months left.

Is Foothills a good camp for him to go to or it is a bad camp? My son is not a troublemaker, not in gangs, just a guy wanting to end his time up close to home and working a job while he's finishing up his time.

Hi my friend just got transferred to foothills and he told me before he got transferred they only et two call per month he heard it from one of the inmates. I haven't received a call from him yet and I am guessing since he is in processing he can't make even one all, u just want to know is this true they they only get 2 calls per month? Thanks
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