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Default visitation at Sheridan

Visitation at Taft Camp is limited to 20 points per month. 4 points are charged for visits on friday (from 8 - 3), 8 for saturday visits and 6 for sundays. So you can see that doesn't allow much! Best bet is 4 fridays, or 3 fridays and one sunday (though sundays are soooo busy). Visiting days are only Fri/Sat/Sun and holidays. Most people work and can't visit fridays so that leaves them even fewer days.

The adjacent Low Security was better for visitation, believe it or not. He got 42 pts a month, and you were charged by the hour, 1 hr = 1 point, EXCEPT weekends and Holidays, those you were charged 3X's the usual rate!!! They really seem to have a thing about visiting, certainly not a priority for the bop. Visiting days at the Low were thurs thru mondays so we were able to see him much more often which we all preferred, but getting to the Camp now allows him to transfer closer to home. There are no Low Security prisons in Wa or Oregon that he could have been designated to, the camp at Sheridan is his only bet. What IS visitation set up like at Sheridan?

Structured activities not that important to our son, he does likes to play some sports though, & participates in basketball and racketball, also has a great workout program he does with buddies(no weight pile at Taft). He earned an Associates Degree in Business via distance learning from Taft CC last year, still takes classes every semester there as well as correspondence classes from LSU, in hopes of earning his Bachelors Degree. He's a HUGE reader, and pretty self motivated. It would be nice if he could learn a trade or skill while at Sheridan though, some prisons have training in landscaping, physical fitness trainer, driving heavy duty equip (none of these at taft, mind you), does Sheridan offer anything? Does it offer classes from community colleges even?
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