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Originally Posted by Xiu Xiu View Post
Level 1 yards will always have the same issues as any higher level yard. They guys know how to work the system and how to get around from getting caught and getting points or write ups. Unfortunatly it happens in all prisons and all levels. It's just a prison life that will never change. Those on the outside also have to roll with the punches as it affects everyone. Accepting that makes it's an easier pill to swallow. If we get upset everytime something goes then we will live a very angry life.
My man was sent to a level 2 SNY for a month at CRC before going to CCI. It was ran much better. They could use the phones whenever they were available. The COs were more respectful and they were rarely in lockdown. All I'm saying is that CCI seems to handle trouble in a much different way and its affecting us all to much. We all know that each prison is different in Cali. To my family, this one is ran poorly.
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