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Smile One Day at A Time At Whetstone Unit

"The yards are so flooded with drugs that it literally makes it impossible for someone with no recovery back ground to stay away from. "

So true. Son just returning to Whetstone after transferring out to a 3 yard for possession tickets. His property was not returned with him, lost or stolen? One never knows for sure. No money to replace so Son will just have to stick-out his last remaining months (less than a year now) with the basic necessities needed. Losing his personal items were very upsetting because there seems to be nothing he can do about it but accept the loss. It could be a lot worse.

Words of encouragement are key but trying to maintain a positive focus in a very difficult environment is most difficult when you have struggled 30+ years with addiction issues. Drug debt may or may not be an issue going forward, but it has certainly been one in the past.

Day by day concerns are a nightmare for a parent, especially knowing the realities of prison life. Your words of wisdom regarding transitional housing, and a sponsor after release have already been discussed and is the plan for my son after release. The real concern he has is being able to find sustainable work after prison life. He is practicing "One Day At A Time" but even with lots of prayer and daily Bible reading the temptations surround him on a daily basis. Peer pressure is 100% greater for those serving time.

Sending words of encouragement and setting goals is solid advice and I will certainly implement more of that.

Thanks again for your post. Helpful and Encouraging,
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