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Originally Posted by SusuLaila89 View Post
In the beginning, I thought so. I knew him prior but we reunited while incarcerated. He has never asked me for a dime, I was close with his mother (r.i.p),
he wants the best for me, and many other reasons to lead me to believe I am not being used.

My ex was in jail towards the end of our relationship. I see a huge difference between the two. If I didn't put money on his books, he would call me with "You dumb b****. You better go put money on my books now b****," along with every other name in the book. You can really tell when you're being used or when someone truly loves you. My man sends me money.
He draws and paints
and whoever he drew or painted for, sends me a check and I send it to my man.

What leads you to believe you may be getting used?

I love this chica and you're 10000% right, exactly. Without this right here,i would not believe it was a real love/genuine to the core at all. Love this, icam as i always say, if he is showing you action/and doing things that demonstrate such AMOR, it's real, and you sure can trust it.Love your post.
Hugs -n- Blessings.Good night PTO'ers.
#Love Yourself enough to smile, while letting go,realizin' life is too short,to not be happy.
IF ACTION, isn't shown, then,it's not real. . .
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