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Originally Posted by stevomama View Post
My son's release date is Jan 30, 2017. He just got a write up for tattoos that arent on his face sheet. However they arent new but about a year old. He was sent to the hole for 20 days and now says he could get CR date. He has been a good inmate and only had 2 write-ups in 2 1/2 yrs. Just finished his program and was exceptional in it. Im so scared he wont come home. Anyone have some info they can share on the subject?
Honestly, would depend on the rules and regulations of the facility or department that's housing him. Your location indicates you're from Missouri....not sure if he's in Missouri as well but most Departments have some sort of rules and guidelines that are publicly available (in California for our state prisons we have Title 15...I'd imagine he's dealing with something else entirely) and those will usually spell out what the rules are and what the punishment range is for violating them.

If he loses his date I'd imagine it'd be something like 30-60 days taken, but I'm basing that off California knowledge. I don't know what rules might apply to him or how the parole/release process will work.

If you could clarify where he is housed, perhaps we can point you to a forum that's a little more state-specific that might give you a better answer to your question?
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