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Originally Posted by stevomama View Post
My son's release date is Jan 30, 2017. He just got a write up for tattoos that arent on his face sheet. However they arent new but about a year old. He was sent to the hole for 20 days and now says he could get CR date. He has been a good inmate and only had 2 write-ups in 2 1/2 yrs. Just finished his program and was exceptional in it. Im so scared he wont come home. Anyone have some info they can share on the subject?
If he was in for 2.5 years and the tats are a year old then it is clear he got them inside. That is a violation. I don't think there is some sort of statute of limitations on breaking the rules. So you have to add another violation.

Don't know how it will impact his release but it does call into question your description of him as a good inmate.
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