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Question Me vs. His Ex

i'm pretty new to this situation but the thought of me possibly being used has crossed my mind although i'm not sure. i know it sounds crazy and anyone who felt like they were being used in the slightest would drop the who thing but for me it's difficult to do that. . or maybe i'm making it seem that way.

we've been talking for 3 & a half years and we have so much history together. i have a feeling he's still involved with his ex based off of somethings i've seen since he got locked up which makes me wanna say forget everything but then i think well this is a time where he really needs someone in his corner and i genuinely love him with all my heart. if i didn't i wouldn't be here. before he left he told me he'd need some things loke money and stuff not right away but eventually and if i could help he'd appreciate it but only if i had it to give so he wasn't pressed for it which madr me think ok he's understanding. he needs all the support he can get to get through these next couple of years and i want tl be there for him more than anything now. i won't forget but i don't care about the fights and arguments and all that i rather be a friend to him but i'm afraid that might come at my own expense. do you guys think it would be smart to ask him if he's with her or if she visits or gives money ? i know they talk on the phone so she most likely is . . its like i know the truth but im blinding myself to it idk i'm so confused smh
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