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If you call CMS, 609-984-4102 and ask to speak to Dr. Woodward, they will be able to help you. You might also ask to speak to Debbie as Dr. Woodward is always busy. They oversee the medical staff in each prison. The medical director at CRAF is an ass and not helpful at all. I had it out with him because he is lazy and lies. I called CMS and voiced my frustration and they dealt with the issue. I also have a number for Dr. Annesette who is the CRAF medical director's big boss. I will dig it up and give it to you if they can't help, but Debbie is great. Tell her all of your concerns and she should help you.
Also, call classification @ CRAF-609-984-6000-#3, then #5 and speak to William. Tell him your situation and if you want him close to you, he can help accomplish that. He got my husband to Riverfront for me. He was supposed to go to NSP because its close to me, but I procesuted an inmate who is there and they didn't want him to try to hurt me, so William helped me out and got the next best thing-RFSP.
I probably shouldn't give direct names, but I think it's important to get your man the right help and these people can help. U will find they are wonderful people.
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