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Originally Posted by kackle
Thanks for the info

I've been told about a week ago that he tried to commit suicide, not sure if he is still at CRAF, but what you said about not being medicated explains a whole lot about the situation. I still haven't heard from him yet and after learning what he did I might not hear from him for awhile

How do you know where Chris will be placed?

I'm hoping for Moutainview for Travis. Does he need to sign up for his placement?
hi again and sorry to be so long in responding,

you may not hear from him as he is probably on security watch and is not able to send mail, either because he isn't physically and or mentally capable of doing it, or has no supplies to write. i learned that chris was going to rahway because each inmate is given a slip of their housing prison about a weekafter they see the assignment board. this board is a panel where the inmate can discuss what prison he would like to go to. travis should express his interest in going to mountainview. chris was supposed to be sent to southern nj...but he literally begged to be sent to rahway and it worked. so travis should really try to ask for placements at certain places. also, you should contact craf and speak to them about his specific needs. document everything and push for him to be taken care of. like chris' lawyer said, "a little support from family members goes a long way in the prison system." i myself am about to start raising h*** about the crazy long wait at hubby was put into lock because of a female officer with a slight crush on i am having a real problem with my baby being locked down for 23 hours a day for the next 2 months. i could understand if he did something that warranted it...but just because someone is jealous of him? crazy. so when trenton hears from me...they'll probably do something move him on along.

i hope that travis is ok...and he gets the help he needs. call up craf and check his location and status, see if you can write him, and ask how long is his wait. then see what you can do about getting his prison changed to mountainview, if it isnt already. best wishes!
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