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Default long they stay at CRAF depends on the prison they are going to and the amount of beds open. I know that GYCF (yardville) has a TC program for drug's got rehab programs and such. He could stay at CRAF for a few weeks to a month or all depends.
IDK when he went to CRAF...but they usually get their pin numbers to make phone calls with 1-3 depends on how fast the prison moves.
As for what is CRAF...its basically a receptional building where inmates are housed until they have their "Home" prison. I know some inmates do their whole bid there or at Jones Farm (which I know nothing about). There is alot of info on CRAF...I think in the prison profile part.
And I don't know what the DOC will do about his mental health...I know they will give him his meds if he's on them...and they do also have therapist and psychologist. I am not sure where he would be depends on classifications!! I hope you find your answers!! Hugs
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