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Question Questions about CRAF

Background on Travis:
AGE: He is 20 years old
DISABILITIES: ADD, Bi-Polor, Cronic Migranes and an Addict
CRIME: Pleaded guilty to possession of 1/2 gram of heroin, possession of paraphernia, underage drinking and intent to distribute the heroin.
Sentence: 35 months to prison

Given his background I hope you guys are able to answer some of my questions.

Right now he is at CRAF. What is CRAF? All I know of it is; it is a reception place where all the inmates go to - to get place in the right falicity.

How do inmates get placed? Will his previous record of being in a mental hospital would have an effect on how and where he will be placed in prison?

Will he get treatment for his bi-polor? Before he got arressted he wasn't on any meds for his depression. He used to but stop cause he couldn't afford them. Will they start a new treanment plan for him?

I haven't heard from him yet. How long before I'll get a call from him?

Before he went to court he had been cutting himself on his arms; will CRAF send him to a mental hospital? Or do they take care of the inmates at that falicity?

How long does one stay at CRAF? I heard that they have inmates working on the farm while they stay at CRAF.

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