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well, i have brought this to billy's attention. my problem..(one of many lol), i did not know him prior to incarceration...if i did then i would know how he was prior to incarceration..

although, i copied him a teenie weenie bit of the same type of thing that you posted lulu..well, i think it was. anyways, it was on SAS (surviving the system)...and, it was just talking about when one is incarcerated, they might act different IN THERE then they would on the outside...(which is where my problem w/not knowing him prior to incarceration comes in).

i had read somewhere on here, becomes institutionalized at around 18 months after being IN. which, is a relatively short amout of time. 1 year & 6 months..

here we go. i remember in the last letter i sent him, i had mentioned something along the lines of "i understand youve been in almost 11 years, you have had to do what you have had to do to survive in there...even if it means, lying, cheating & stealing..."

well, the last letter i got from him (last week...) this is what he mentioned

i have not gotten use to stealing, cheating & lying, and so on..i use whats called "KARMA"..."what comes around, goes around." you cant avoid that---nobody can. if i do wrong, it will come back to me, a loved one, who knows how--but it will come back."

hey, at least w/him being in almost 11 years, he is able to see that, i think its pretty damn good...although, i dont know if more are able to see things this way..but, i dont know, guess you would just have to know him.

i know that when i think of "institutionalized" makes me think of some 3rd world country's mental the one in '12 monkey's'. all nasty, w/people in some weird vegi. state.

although, he does tell me about how there are others there that do lie, cheat & steal. & i guess if they figure thats the only way they will 'survive' then so be it.

i too agree that most of the general public do not know much if anything about what goes on in prisons & w/our inmates. and its quite sad actually. ya know, hear what they read & see on the news. if they only knew...

anyways, blah blah blah...
thanks for posting this lulu who wrote it btw??
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