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You might want to read some of the work done by the Niatic Women and Wally Lamb.

Excellent reads, excellent perspectives of what its like in Niatic. Wally Lamb, a noted author, was disturbed about the number of suicides he'd read about in his local paper, all coming from the women's prison. He decided to help. His help was in the form of a writing class every couple of weeks, not commenting on the subject, but on the writing. His personal point of view is that every voice, every story matters, and I firmly fall in that same space. Anyway, it's a way to introduce yourself to some of the people your LO is meeting, if not in fact, at least somebody similar. You'll learn a lot.

There's a current legal conundrum with the proceeds of the books. Last I heard, they were being seized under a "Can't make a dime from your crime" rule. Much of these books is not about their crimes, but about their backgrounds, their decisions, their experiences entering prison and learning to live in prison, playing the prison game. Most of the authors don't want to make a mint from their writing - they devalue their writing - but in part because they want to choose the charities to receive their royalties, stuff that would have a much greater impact than just getting thrown into a victim's compensation fund administered by the State's Attorney.

anyway, if you want some experience with the place, read those books. They should also be available in Niatic, so you could read them with your LO, and talk about what's being said, why, what's different, etc. It's a good way to talk about her prison life there.
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