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You should walk away from him and the situation for many reasons. He clearly only cares about himself and only seems to show your affection and treat you good when he wants something. A person who really loves you, really wants to be with you, and really is your best-friend would not purposely be cruel and hateful to you. They would not emotionally and mentally torment you, they would not seek out inappropriate contact and relationships with third parties, they would not have you be the back up plan for when they had nothing else or wanted something. The more you forgive him for these things the more he will continue to hurt you and abuse you. Over the long period of time you have been with him he has conditioned you to think it is ok for him to do this to you because you love him. Because of that he has made you blind to the fact that if he truly loved you he would not be hurting you like this and would not need all of this forgiveness. If it was me I would walk away not just for myself and my sanity but also for my child because everything this man is doing to you your child is seeing and learning from...
If two people love each other does it matter what caused their love?

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