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Default Divorce while wife is incarcerated

My wife is currently in the NEPRC in Cleveland Ohio....she served one year, was release and violated and was sent back one month later....she how as been sentenced to two additional years on additional charges. My question is has anyone had experience with divorce while the other party is prison. I have been taking care of her two children (my step-daughters) this entire time. Their bio father has taken them now due to her additional time added. I am filing for divorce and moving but I wonder what is my obligation to all of her personal belongings in the home. I am trying to be a good guy and have paid a storage facility a year for her things...but everything she has will not fit into it....I want to get rid or donate the rest. I dont feel that I am obligated to do anymore than this....and her family will not offer to take any of her belongings or help out in any way with the storage fee....Im about ready to just place the remaining items out for trash collection at this point. I know that sounds aweful...but I no longer feel this is my responsibilty to look after her things......any advice would be appreciated...
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