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Originally Posted by haskinsj99 View Post
I have an extensive record of Breaking and Entering into cars, destroying property, and joyriding, both felony and misdemeanor charges. This was stuff I did at young ages. I want to finish college, go to law school and work in criminal justice reform helping people like me who are coming out of prison to get back on their feet and go forward and succeed?

How can we do better than just going right back to our "hood?" I mean, it is as if no matter what we do we are stuck in our inner city areas where we got into our trouble and if we try to move out, find work, go to college, we just get rejected? Can Felons go to college? If we go to college, can one get housing on campus? What can we do?

YOU can deffinetly succeed you just need to have motivation. I have a gun posession charge, 1st degree burglary and receiving property. Did prison and jail time and I have a strike. I was paroled from FSPW in June 2014. I just got off parole June2017. So far I have gotten my highschool diploma and working on my college degree! A lot of jobs have turned me down because of my record however there is many jobs out there that are available to you! You got this good luck and dont give up hope
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