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Originally Posted by TreeGrl72 View Post
Hi all,

I hope you are all doing well. Things have been going pretty well for me and my lifer. I've been able to visit him three times now and it has been heaven each time. He went SNY so now he is able to have contact visits, which helps both of us so much to be able to touch each other. We get those visits once per month. However, he can only call every other day and his prison often shuts down program early, so he often doesn't get that.

I'm frustrated with myself right now because I feel like I've grown in several ways over the last few in trusting that he's okay safety-wise when he doesn't call. But I still feel myself being soooo sad when he doesn't call for a couple of days. I miss him terribly. If I try to push the feelings down, they come up in other ways (irritability, etc). I don't have friends or family who know, so I can't reach out for support.

How do you all cope when you're missing him and you haven't heard from him? What do you do or tell yourselves? Any help would be appreciated. My best to everyone.

Keep living life and know that he will call as soon as he can. Some things we cannot control, and that it one of them. Worrying about it does not change it at all, just makes us insane.

Meditate, exercise, do something nice for yourself.
Be Real, Be You
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