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Hey girl,

I to am trying to get clean. But from methadone not meth. I think when I lived in Texas I tried it maybe twice. ( if crank is the same thing) only I didn't like it. We all have our Drug of Choice. The sad things is. That they not only enter our lives but the ones we love. I got clean for a baby 14 years ago. And he is just perfect.
But, right now I am stuggling from the withdrawals. Which also last a long time. I wil be glad to post when I have 3months. I only have 11 days. Which is a big step for me. I am an old junkie. This time I had almost 6 years clean then here came the devil. And the thoughts that this one time want hurt. Well it did. And now I and my family suffer from my addiction. I am proud of you. I doesn't matter what drug. A drug is a drug is a drug......doesn't matter which one. They are all tuff. But, as the days past into months your mind will clear and your body will heal.
My prayers are with you and God's speed on you recovery.
Get to the meetings they really do help........Kat


........But for the Grace of God, Go I.......
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