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Hey y'all i am back in texas , its kind of cool outside so i am happy about that, but its the texas version of cool, i brought to boxes with me full of clothes so i am set for a week or so, my dauhter just sees that as a way to get out and shop. thanks for thinking of us while we were flying.. I am glad that part is done, now all we have to do is wait for the movers .. to bring our stuff down.

Medic- i am so glad too see you in here. Thanks for the update on your brother! I am so happy to see that he is doing so much better than the last time you stopped in. Its good that he has someone like you in his life to help keep him sane during this time. I am sure he appreciates it more than you would ever know . as long as he knows that he doesnt have anything to prove to anyone but to himself. He only owes something to him self and that is too remain free and to live out his dreams. Hope too see ya in here soon.

atalie- i see you had tons of fun with your lil grandson. Did you take any pictures , or was it caught on video ( you running after him) ?

DLM- How are you doing? I hope all is well. (((HUGS))