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Thanks to Ewifey for the caring report. I have great news to report on my brother. He has one GED test to go and he will graduate (I guess thats what you call it). He has gotten out of his not feeling alive phase and has set his sites on coming home. We talk alot about his coming home. HE IS COMING TO LIVE WITH ME. It seems to give him hope that he knows he has a loving home to come home to and people that love him no matter what. He really enjoys making plans for that time. He also seems to enjoy the fact that I tell him certain things are his responsiblity when he comes home. Things like mowing the grass and doing yard work. I think it makes him feel needed and wanted. Something he hasn't had alot of in his life. Unfortunately most of the other members of our family parents being the worst seem to be pushing him away. Our parents don't seem to care about his needs anymore. He says that I'm the only one he can count on now. Its a big responsibility but I take it very seriously and love that we have the relationship we do.

Dec 2008 is his parole date. I keep him in my prayers as I do all the members and their loved ones on this site.