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Well i am still moving on Saturday ,but the movers who were supposed to be here on tuesday, then changed to today is supposed to be coming between saturday thru wednesday.. I am going to call the main office in the morning as i am going to make sure they get a taste of my obcscenity performance i gave dispatch today cause i want some sort of money back or taken off cause of this inconveniece .. . Other than that i believe , i found a bit of sanity in one of the drawers. So i am good for another few days , or hrs ..

Deb- do yall have lawn ppl around there, there is some that goes around by my cousin's that are 25 dollars every 2wks and they do everything from cutting,raking, weeding, hedges, mulching..everything.. so that is not bad.. If i could i would cut it for you, i have cut lawn one time before.. (well i had someone start it for me)

Shelia- My husband is a great cook as well. I bet you enjoyed those cookies. i told my husbandi cant wait till he came home, cause i like to cook but then again i dont like too cook. I miss simple things like that .. I am glad that Matt appeal is looking good for him .. please keep us updated , did you get too talk too him? Did he add you too his visitation list?

Catherine- Where are you? At toysrus? buying lots of toys ..