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Originally Posted by poulinsj
Well, i didn't get him to make a late night run, but he did make me chocolate chip cookies at 9pm. He would die if i told anyone that he is an awesome baker. That man can bake cakes/cookies.
Sheila- We won't tell anyone we promise ! Do you have any idea how lucky you are having a hubbie who will make chocolate chip cookies at 9pm just for you! Good grief- hang on to him
So is the hearing over now for Matt?Do you have any idea when you can expect to hear anything?
Catherine- Wishing you safe travels to your grandson and lots of fun this weekend
Jillian- Wishing you safe travels too with lots and lots of luck with the move- thinking of you, hoping things aren't too stressful this weekend.Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!!!!!

Well I took the heavy, old lawn mower out of the garage and that's as far as I got with that thing. Maybe tomorrow?