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Well, i didn't get him to make a late night run, but he did make me chocolate chip cookies at 9pm. He would die if i told anyone that he is an awesome baker. That man can bake cakes/cookies.

Matt's hearing went very well. It was an evidentiary hearing for his appeal and i feel it went in his favor. We didn't get a's a sit and wait thing. I thought he had his trial won too, so i'm not holding my breath. We shall see...

I am so tired today. I've been staying up way too late watching TV. I am hooked to Lost so i'll be up tonight too! Oh well...

Jillian...i hope everything goes smoothly with the movers and nothing gets broken. Did you have to pack up your stuff, or are they doing everything for you? I HATE moving! It seems like regardless of how careful we are, things get broken/dinged up. I bet you're ready to get closer to hubby!

Signing off tonight gals. Going to raid the fridge. Did i tell you all, i've already gained 20lbs. read it right 20 lbs. Yikes! Maybe i should lay off the cookies. haha And to think i still have 5 months left.