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Default May's Sibling Chit Chatter Box :D

Well another month gone thru and its getting closer and closer to summer! I know that we are all glad that Winter is gone and the warmer days are ahead!

Once again we have so many new members not only on PTO as a whole, but here in the siblings forum and its so good to see siblings get together and support each other. Its always a blessing to talk to someone who has been through similiar things and can understand when the other is venting or just needed someone to talk too.

Here is a Quick Synopsis of where we all left off last month!

Atalie- Her brother's unit was placed on lockdown and didnt get a phone call, but only a few were lockdown. Catherine is currently looking at a special treat this weekend. As she is flying to MD to take care of her grandson !! So i am sure he is going to be spoiled this weekend.. Have a safe drive ...and be good

boflipflops36 - Came thru the siblings chat sharing stories of her grand daughter April's Fool experience. And it was so cute! thanks for that we appreciate it as it brought smiles to our faces. Her brother is doing ok and she is currently trying to find out if he can be transferred to a camp closer to his home. I hope he is able to too.. (got our fingers crossed for him)

BT'S LIL SIS - Made her debut appearance here in the Siblings chat thread last month! Her brother is doing ok, but he has lost all of his so called dearest friends. Which unfortunately most of our loved ones experience upon entering the DOC. She as we all do worry if our siblings truly appreciate what we do for them. And BT's lil sis , i am sure he appreaciates all that you do for him!

DLM- Deb is currently looking for cows and sheeps so if anyone has any for sale please let her know . This way she wont have to cut her grass !! Deb has been out and about enjoying her new found glory (warm weather ) to the fullest!

jjlew- We havent heard from you, hope all is well with you! (((HUGS))

Lauren1984- has dropped in to let us know that her brother will be home in July 27th. Congrats on that, he will be in our prayers that he has learned alot from his experience away from the family . And that he starts to realize that his sister has always been here for him.

Medicscrazy- Stopped in to say hi, and to let us know that her brother is currently taking GED Classes and is looking forward to continuing his education as much as he can while in there. He is currently going thru a rough patch where he doesnt feel alive. He is lucky to have a sister like medics as she is his rock. Keep updating us.

- Well, well what can we say but she is somewhere in FL jumping (very carefully) for joy with her husband as they are welcoming a baby boy soon. They currently have 2 girls .Matt is currently going to court for an appeal and is in all of our prayers.

As for me, my lil one got sick yesterday and threw up, was still a lil quiet thru out the night then at 4 this morning she sat up and it all came out again, about 20 mins later it happened again but hasnt happend since then . She says she feels tons better this morning.. Called to check on my husband's appeal and guess what, they now can't find it and the woman said " oh, just let him do it over !" I was pissed and finally talked to the District Clerk himself as i was pissed that for the last couple of months i was told it was pending when they dont even have it ..
As for my uncle thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate it.

I do hope that this month is good not only for us but for our family as well!

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