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I concur with "Devastated Mom" and "Patticake" about making attempts to get our loved ones out of prison, with the efforts of filling Petitions. The Bible lets us know that "Faith without Works is dead," and if we do not try to free our loved ones with some type of effort, legally, or appealing to the judges in writing letters, etc., then it appears we have given up hope. Irregardless of what other comments are posted on this website, I will continue to fight for my child's freedom. I also write and email representatives, because our "U.S. Congress" are responsible for many laws on the books that need to be changed immediately - FEDERAL MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING LAWS. FMMS are laws that sentences young men to prison, based on the type of drug they were charged with, and anyone charged with Meth crimes are receiving lighter sentences (Crack Cocaine vs. Meth Sententences). I wish there were not anyone using or selling drugs in the United States, but there are those in our Country that does "entrap" children and young adults with drugs. I believe in rehabilitation, and simultaneously, disassociating oneself from those who were the reason that caused you your freedom. It's hard to find people in our communities who truly understands our pain (of having loved ones in prison), but I think this support group is the best thing I could have joined. God Bless and keep the faitth and hope alive!
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