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Default All of Us or None

All of Us or None

All of Us Or None is a national organizing initiative of prisoners, former prisoners and felons, to combat the many forms of discrimination that we face as the result of felony convictions. After serving time in torturous conditions, we were met at the gate with prejudice and discrimination that made our re-entry into society difficult and in some cases impossible. Many of us recognize that our prison sentence never ends as long as the discrimination against us continues.

WHAT THEY FIGHT FOR - "Ban the Box" (Eliminate the question about prior convictions on public employment applications), "Voting Rights for All" (Develop and implement strategies that result in greater participation from prisoners and formerly-incarcerated people in the democratic process), "Clean Slate" (Provide trainings on the legal remedies available to people with conviction histories. Disseminate information on resolution assistance to those who qualify for existing legal remedies), "Community Giveback" (Yearly event giving bikes, toys and gifts to children of incarcerated parents from formerly incarcerated people).

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