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Default What is Prison Activism?

I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.
~Bishop Desmond Tutu

What is Prison Activism all about??

ACTIVISM - the intentional action to bring about social, political, or environmental change.

Activism begins with awareness. You have seen "Activists." The ones who are screaming and stomping up and down the street, throwing themselves in front of traffic, or marching to the White House. Not all activism has to be that dramatic. Activism could mean writing a letter, bringing awareness to others, donating a dollar to a cause. There are many vehicles for directing political or social change.

The Prison Activism forum is about bringing that awareness to our members so that you can run with it and assist in initiating that change. It does not have to be dramatic. It could simply be about changing your siggy for day, or wearing a t-shirt when you go to do your laundry, or it COULD be as dramatic as marching to Washington, or holding up traffic - especially when it comes to our loved ones in Prison.
We know that by nature, their environment sucks. What is worse, is when administration does not pay attention to the extremeties of an already bad environment. They allow inmates to die or get sick due to poor medical care or living condition, they do not provide adequate religious resources for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or Christians. They do not provide timely adequate meals, or alternative diets for those that require it for religious, cultural, or heath reasons. Or maybe they should not even BE in prison, but are due to political uprising they, themselves fought for, or because they were wrongly accused. There are many, many issues within our Prison system that have to be addresses, fought for, and mostly, that we need to be aware of.

Find some of those resources below...

10 Things you can to to support the struggle for prisoners' rights
ACLU - Prisoners' Rights Project
All of us or None
California Prison Focus


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