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Originally Posted by LifeTraveler View Post
I would say news organizations. I'm surprised the mail room even allowed that to leave the prison.

News organizations have ZERO interests in prisoner issues. The public in general believes that all prisoners should never get out of prison. To them, prisoners are already in Club Fed, getting 3 meals & a cot, and already got a break by not being executed immediately after sentencing - regardless of their crime.

So, forget the American news media.


Human Rights Watch & other organizations that focus on prisoner rights. I would suggest if you do want to send it to someone that might have a reason against the BOP is send it to John Kiriakou. He was politically prosecuted by the U.S. and spent his 2 years at Loretto FCI at the same time of my first 2 years there. He does commentaries for foreign news services, including the well-known & respected Russia Today ( They do a number of exposes on the injustices of the American penal system.
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