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Default Covid Cases: KY's numbers lower than many states, but are the #'s correct?

I have a question for you guys... while these numbers aren't great and yeah, I agree Patch Green River got out of control early.... as a whole I think KY DOC has done better than a lot of states. KY as a whole has done better. Now many say it's because Beshear locked down and pulled back early, and I agree that he did an excellent job (I'm a Beshear fangirl!) but as time went on and their number still remained much lower than surrounding states (let's not even talk about TN though) I almost felt like maybe I shouldn't trust the numbers. They just seemed WAY lower than other states, which is great and I hated doubting them but it had me ask myself a few times if I was buying it.

What do ya'll think? Do you think the quick shut down and how they were done made the difference or to you have a twinge of question if you're getting all the information?
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