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Originally Posted by LANz012388 View Post
how often can he call? mine called tues and said he can only call once every two weeks? is that true? (for dmh)
So far I have gotten calls on Wednesday and Thursday for the last 2 weeks. He did call last night and he said that he would call today. I think in mentioned something that he can call everyday as long as he has dayroom but I will ask him again to make sure.
Originally Posted by LANz012388 View Post
and have you visted DMH side? how is it?
No I have never visited the DMH side. He is only allowed 1 hr non-contact visits and doesn't want me driving 6 hrs to just see him for 1 hr. So I probab;y won't be seeing him for 6-9 months

People don't understand how hard it is to have a loved one locked up. It takes a STRONG person to do it everyday until they come home. It hurts so bad