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Originally Posted by For My Baby View Post
I have The State of Colorado (AR Form 300-01A; 04/01/19) DOC Visitor Application and it does include (among other questions) the following two questions.
If you are not related to the offender, how long have you known this person?
If you are not related to the offender, where/how did this relationship develop?

Then at the bottom of this application in the CERTIFICATION section it states: . . . I understand that my visiting status may be inactivated, after being approved, if it is found that information on the form is falsified.

Because of such I have been hesitant to complete this application and mail it back, as we are MWI. However, at some point I will mail it back just to see the outcome. So I'm understanding that is true that if you did not know each other before he went in, you can not visit him.
DOC will sometimes make exceptions depending on level of facility and offender conduct.

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