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Default End video chat and promote family and significant other contact with inmate

[quote=Zelda50;7653726]U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth has introduced a bill in Congress which requires prisons/jail who have video visitation to continue permitting in-person visitation. A high percentage of jails who institute video visitation then end their in-person visitation programs!! Who knows what direction prisons will go in the future as the climate of our U.S. government changes.

Washington County Jail in Sandersville, GA recently opened its new facility in January. Shortly after, all plexi-glass visits were preserved for trustees only! With just over a hundred in population, all visits at the jail are conducted via video only, which I believe is a crime to the loved ones of the inmates. I have been voicing to others to be heard when I hear their disdain over the absurdity of video chatting at this rural county jail which has too few inmates for such a service. It fails the rehabilitative process on so many levels, but mostly it fails the families of the inmates.
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