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Originally Posted by wadeslove View Post
My man is at MRDCC and I got a letter yesterday asking why I havent wrote in over a week?! I've sent him 2 letters that he obviously has not recieved.I feel terrible coz the last letter he got I was kinda cussin him out for being back in jail!Now he thinks I've abandoned him!Has anyone else had this problem?Also there was money orders in both!
My fiancee has been at MRDCC for 2 weeks now. I wrote him 2 letters, one had a money order in it, he received both letters and the money order without a problem. He has called me everyday also. They are out from 9-11 am then 1-2pm one day, then the next day they alternate being out of the cell from 6-9 pm. Hopefully, this helps!
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