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Default Procedures


I'm from the victim's side. My 23 nephew was killed by a drunk/drug driver Superbowl night 2006. I wanted to make sure he was sent to a Maryland State Prison instead of sitting in D.O.C. (Dept. of Corrections.) So I'm sorry if this isn't the right topic for this posting.

An officer from Calvert County Detention Center told me the prisoners are transferred from their facilities twice a month to Baltmore Reception Center.

They are held ROUGHLY 30 to 90 days to determine which state prison they will be sent to after evaluating their crime, sentence, behavior, mental state, etc. The 30 to 90 day is not a timeframe set in gold, which is why I said ROUGHLY.

The main state prisons are Baltimore, Cumberland (A new facility) Jessup, Hagerstown and Salisbury.

There are websites you can locate a inmate, write to inmates, etc.

I hope this has been informative.

I wish you all the best in this rough time.
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