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Default Medical problem need suggestions

My brother has had problems with his jaw, over the past year and half. It has gotten to the point over the last 4 to 6 months that he could not eat anything, could not open nouth at all. Went to medical many times and told nothing was wrong. My mother enailed main medical office in nashville when we went and saw him 8 months ago and seen how he was looking. Then 6 weeks later we went for another visit and he was even worse so i then called the main office myself and they said they would check into it. They finally got him out to a real dr, a specialist, which ordered a prescription and a ct. They never got his med filled for him but did take hin for ct a month later. As soon as he returned to facility from ct scan they sent him immediately to er then to Nashville hosp. Needless to say he is suffering with cancer which looks as if they have let it go so long the prognosis is not looking good. He now has feeding tube and tracea. I believe if they had treated him a year and half ago he would not be in the shape he is now. He was in nashville 3 weeks before they even contacted us about his situation. I had to sit his 11 yr old son down and explain to him what he was going to see before i took him to see his daddy. The child lost his mother before he was a year old due to drugs and now because of the states neglect he is going to loose his daddy 😢
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