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He is in jail on a different charge, a charge for violating CSL b/c he relapsed on heroin. The type of parole he is on is something they do in NJ, called CSL which is community supervision for life....just another reason I wish he was in NC b/c he wouldn't have to deal with ANY of that anymore after his parole time was done, in which it is.

He doesn't owe anyone money, they owe him money...which leads me to believe he was selling again...especially when I asked why ppl owe him, he said "Babe, do we REALLY need to get into that now?" So, I left it alone.

I voiced my concerns over the fact that he could very well start using again, and he said that there was no need to worry. He said he relapsed and that he will be okay between the time he bails out and goes to rehab. I don't know what to believe. I want to believe in him. Desperately.

When he makes bail, he has to go straight to parole, they will then TRY to put him in emergency housing until they can find a rehab with will take someone with the previous charges that he has.

I am so lost...and all I want to do is go to NJ and I can't even get there.

Originally Posted by ohsweetmaryjane View Post
They are letting him out on parole without him having a place to stay? Or is he bailing out?

I mean, I think the only thing you can do, if you're going to stay with him, is to go on faith. I went thru this with my man; he was locked up for a year. He's been home almost two months and is still doing well. Is he saying that he's going to stay clean? Do you have any reason to believe that he's using in there? I would be highly suspicious of him owing people money and all that. Sounds shady.
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