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I laughed at him yesterday.
Hubby was on the phone (his cell, so pup was not in his crate! lol) when I got home. Apparently pup didnt hear me drive up and barked a bit when I walked in the door. They had just come from a ball session so he was panting pretty good. He'd drank most of his water in the house bowl, so I refilled it. The whole time I was doing that,
he was trying to whine/cry and pant at the same time. And of course dribble drooling the whole time.

Im trying to figure out how to stop him from being so jealous or protective over my hub. If I or hub go into a room where the other is, he follows and trys to put himself either between us, or he goes and grabs a toy and shoves his head between my hubs legs with the toy.
Forget hugging. He's right there. Sometime he will yip.

Not sure how to curb that.
Its not even just us. He will do that to my son as well.
Guess its all about Ricky.
My windows aren't dirty

That's my dog's nose art

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