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My favorite is the shovel attack. For some reason, Maggie and Soph think the shovel is an evil, evil thing. So when I push it, they bark and snarl and then bite the thing. As a result, my straight lines become very warped as I shovel. Takes twice as long to shovel, but they get their snarl out on the shovel. Last year was funny- since I couldn't stand, I had to put on snow pants, tape up the one leg, and sit down to shovel. None of the dogs could understand it, and half were in my lap, half were fighting the shovel. It was hilarious, and I had the best time, even if I was wiped out before I got half the shoveling done. Good thing my plow guy took pity, cleared my car of all snow, and finished the potty paths and the deck. He came once while I was out trying to shovel and watched as the dogs fought with the shovel and I tried to shovel with two more dogs jockeying for my lap. He called me a, "determined lady" which I think was code for, "what a f***ing nutter"

But, we have mole hill for fun, and there's always bear poop (he's concentrated to the far field this year), and Charlie's Excavations. Ah, the critters in your life" gotta love them.
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