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Originally Posted by heabritt View Post
Several months back I reached out on this forum due to the fact that my brother had been snagged on a dirty ua charge for K2. I knew he was telling the truth however we are from South Dakota and I felt there wasn't much I could do for him.
Long story short...not one person on this forum believed him. The ones who commented back to me stated that he would end up taking the charge and so on and so forth.
I was not directed to any resources or given any advice.
At this point I started contacting places within the DOC who then turned me over to Ombudsman. They couldn't help. I eventually ended up writing letters to several departments in the state of Texas.
Good news, they found that the case was illegal due to several reasons and it was overturned!
Anyone else going through the same thing...please listen to your heart. Had I listened to the people on here who commented I would have given up.
Don't give up!
I have to agree with you. Always do your own research outside of this forum. There are many people on here that mean well and there are many that just have an opinion. I have had to write emails and make phone calls on my own after others have told me thereís nothing I can do and yet I was able to get stuff done. The point Iím trying to make is donít think that you arenít capable of being a voice or advocate for your loved one. If you feel there is something that needs to be done reach out to the prison first, ask questions, and eventually you will start to get the answers you need or the things you must do. Yes TDCJ has itís fair share or bad apples but if you proceed with genuine love and concern you will find people within that will help you. Congratulations on getting his case over turned. I hope everything goes well moving forward.
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