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Originally Posted by Renea0428 View Post
Now I'm nervous I really miss my husband and on Thursday it will be 2 weeks

Renea, believe me I get it. A little over 5 years ago I was in your shoes, wondering when she was going to get taken upstate, how she would handle it, how I would handle being away from her. The folks at the Lynwood jail were so good to us in those last two weeks. The day before she got shipped to Chowchilla (that's where reception is for the women) I came by for a visit and they actually gave us 2 hours. I don't think this is common practice but I made a few friends with jail workers and it helped in those last couple of weeks.

Now I don't know that they'll be as generous with you (she was on a unit that didn't get many visits, and the men usually get a lot more visits than the women,) but it brings about a big some point you being there for him in a positive way is going to make impressions on people and it may occasionally make things easier for both you and him.

I understand your worry. I am sure a lot is going through your mind right now. Just be strong my friend and remember, we are all here for you, many of us have been in your shoes before, and while some of us here may shoot from the hip sometimes when giving advice, we all want to see you and him do well and for him to come home to you so life can start getting back to normal.

How long is he going to be in, if you don't mind me asking?

I wish you and him the best and hope that the transition to reception will be as smooth as possible for both of you. It's not an easy time, but this too shall pass.

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