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yeah it was almosts, the "busy" made me flip the heck out because he knew better and it cost us the visit that i was going to travel to ca JUST to see him. so now his visits are gone for 3 months and 3 behind windows which in the long run it helped cuz i couldnt make it but thats beside the point he screwed them up for us and his family.

i've stepped away since then, told him i needed some space to get over some things and his disappearing act. he's always given me space everytime i needed it i give him that. and although he has ticked me off a time or two this is the first time he's done me wrong since he met me and i truly believe that it wasnt another female involved, it was other things. he's what i want and who love, the only thing is the physical abscence. everyone i talk to out here, even the "cuddle buddy" i always talked about Erik and kept comparing them. you should never do that, i know but that's ultimately who i want and what i want in a man. love is so unfair!
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